Mortal Kombat X Best Characters Highlights

Mortal Kombat X Characters

Overview of Mortal Kombat X Characters and Fatalities

Mortal kombat x is a marvellous action-packed fighting mobile game by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This game is available on almost all platforms like Android, Apple iTunes and Mac, Windows, Xbox, and play station. Mortal kombat has unbelievable and realistic graphics, with the perfect storyline and several modes in the game. Mortal kombat x is a first- person fighting game, where you need to fight with other players locally or online. They know that how to satisfy gamers with real fighting moves and graphics, and there are outstanding graphics and special moves in the game with an insane storyline.

mortal kombat x characters

How to play mortal kombat x with awesome characters?

You can see the standard basic options in the game like move left-right, front-back, and jump-crouch, attack. There are some special moves that will; you can do with your attacks. Special moves: - each character in the game has its special moves or attacks; you need to use them with combine attacks on the perfect situation only. Here we have to cover up topics like best mortal kombat x characters, and their fatalities, special moves and other information in this article. You can also read our mortal kombat x beginners guide which explain how to play the game for beginners.

Overview of Mortal Kombat X Characters.

There are total 51 characters in the game. To maintain the gamers in the game developers upgrade their characters in the game by adding new one characters or upgrading their moves. Each character has its special fatalities or superpower in the game. You need to use some combine sequence of the buttons to use these fatalities. Mortal kombat x fatalities can be found for each player separately by playing a game.

Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X

The characters in the mortal kombat x have a new concept named as fatalities. The fatalities in the game mean the ultimate moves of the players in the game, but these fatalities have some conditions to play in the game. You need to play these fatalities on the right time during match mostly these fatalities will play when the game tells us to finish him with using some combination on buttons and staying at a specific distance from the enemy. Each character in the game have its unique signature fatality you need to find them, each fatality shows the storyline of the player.

Some Best Mortal Kombat X Characters

Cassie cage : - Cassie cage is strong and little bit brutal character. Cassie performs mostly close combat in her matches. Cassie fights with only her hands and shows strong muscular powers; Cassie also uses her gun or pistol in combats for a long-range fight with the enemy. Cassie has three different type of combating deviation, Hollywood style fight, spec-ops fight, and brawler type fight.
Cassie’s testi-kill move is very impactful on the enemy; Cassie can shoot an enemy with her legs. Cassie has five brutality powers and two fatality powers.

Fatalities of Cassie : - Cassie has two fatalities, the first is bubble head and the second one is the selfie. In the bubble head, first Cassie attacks with her legs to injure and divert his focus from her and suddenly attacks on enemy’s forehead, and remove her gum from the mouth and stick on the enemy ’s forehead. In the selfie fatality, Cassie breaks and torn his lower jaw and take a selfie with this as well as post on social media.

Scorpion : - Scorpion is a live dead ninja who wants to takes revenge of his death from other characters in the game. Scorpion has two fatalities, five brutalities, and ten signature moves, the first fatality is “stop ahead” and the second is “who’s next,” both fatalities will play in the mid-screen area. Scorpion signature move is the spear; Scorpion uses a spear attached to the long chain; he can throw this spear towards to the enemy in his head and make it highly injured. In the second fatality, scorpion summons column support behind enemy then through his spear into the enemy head and wound rope with pillar and cut enemies head with using his small sword.

Goro : -Goro is a four- armed and half human-dragon characters with unbelievable powers. Goro has two fatalities and five brutalities. Goro performs peek-a-boo and Shokan amputation fatalities in the game.
In the peek-a-boo fatality, Goro caught the enemy by it lower two hands tightly and give tons of pressure on its head when enemy’s head tills its head torn and get into its stomach, once the head is in stomach Goro quick take his upper hands and caught enemy’s stomach and torn its skin

In the peek-a-boo fatality, Goro caught the enemy by it lower two hands tightly and give tons of pressure on its head when enemy’s head tills its head torn and get into its stomach, once the head is in stomach Goro quick take his upper hands and caught enemy’s stomach and torn its skin

In the Shokan amputation Goro lay down its enemy on the ground and stand on his back, Goro grabbed enemy both hands and both legs in his four arms and separate them from enemy’s body.

Lui Kang: - Lui Kang is Shaolin Kung-fu fighting monk. Lui Kang wants to save earth from destroyers. Lui Kang has two fatalities. Lui Kang caught opponents throat from neck portion and take it out from enemy’ s body and again put this throat from enemy’s mouth in the sore throat fatality.

Lui Kang second fatality is the splitter, in this fatality Lui Kang take a back jump and give one powerful kick on the chin of opponent; when the enemy is gone at height due to this kick Lui Kang take extremely powerful fire jump on enemy’s stomach in air and splits its body into two separate parts.

Raiden: - Raiden is the god of thunder, and he is a protector of the earth Raiden have various supernatural power like teleportation, fight, controlling elements. Raiden also has some thrilling fatalities. The first one is bug eyes and the second one is conducting rod.
In the bug eyes fatality, Raiden caught opponent head very tightly and pass very high voltage current from his hands to enemy’s head till opponent eyes come out of the head and then cuts opponent’s head from his body.

In the second conducting rod fatality Raiden, will take his rod and through a ball of high voltage on the opponents legs and put them down on his knee and jump with rod and directly penetrates this rod into enemy’s body from his mouth; after that Raiden quick pass an extremely high voltage through his body using rod.

These are some of the characters from mortal kombat x characters in the game. And here we have seen this mortal kombat x fatalities and how to win the game easily. Try to use perfect brutality on the opponent because fatality is rare chances to use cause of their situations. Sometimes you need to fight with same characters in the game then use other finishing moves on them. You can also check out mortal kombat x hack and cheats on our homepage.

We hope that this article is useful for you and you can well understand about mortal kombat characters and their fatalities. Is this article is helpful for you, then please share it and comment in our comment section. Stay tuned with mortal kombat x for more information, news, and updates from us.

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